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One Woman’s Battle for Her Sanity,
Her Marriage, & Her Family

Christian testimony of G. Nadine Davis

A Powerful Gripping Story of the Battle Between Good and Evil

“This book has the power to get people thinking, and leaves the reader wanting more!”

Life’s Uncertain Journey is a harrowing story about the battle between Light and darkness. It is a true story that chronicles my life as a young wife and mother in a battle against demons, depression, and drugs. With graphic detail, I share the life-threatening impact of the dangerous decisions I made. After losing my mother at a very young age, I grew up very angry and bitter towards the God my mother said loved me. Having experienced so much trauma in my young life, I concluded that if my life was a representation of the love of God, I wanted nothing to do with Him.

My story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as I paint a vivid picture of my frightening encounters with the spiritual forces that taunted me into ending my life. The battle raged on for several years until, from beyond the grave, my mother’s prayers prevailed and the God I thought didn’t exist shows up and turns my life right side up!

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A Little Bit About Me

I share my personal story and testimony in Life’s Uncertain Journey. My book describes my many encounters with God and all the great things that resulted from the influence and power of God’s love. Many readers are left speechless, amazed at the vast darkness of the past I lived and stark transformation that people see in me today. I will tell you how God showed up and helped me in my time of greatest need.

Countless women struggle with abuse, depression, marital problems, and confusion about life. If you would like to share your story of the encounters you experienced with Jesus Christ and have it posted on this website, send it to me by email. 

I accept speaking engagements. I inspire a wide range of audiences with my deep faith and moving personal testimony. Submit a request for a booking to have me speak to your group.